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Eye check-up


Professional optometrists

Professional optometrists

Do you feel your vision is changing? If you are having trouble reading small prints or having regular headaches, it may be time for an eye examination. At Berry's Opticians, we provide complete eye care services to protect your vision and keep it in check. 

Our qualified optometrists are here to efficiently carry out these tests, making you feel as comfortable as possible. Once we have the results from your eye tests, our dispensing opticians can advise you on the type of lenses and frames you require and which will be most suitable. 

A Berry's Opticians eye test includes:

  •  25-30 minute appointments and longer if necessary. You wont be rushed or hurried. 
  • We explain all tests performed as we go along, to put you at ease and avoid any surprises.
  • Glaucoma screening as standard with measurement of eye pressure and visual field screening as required. 
  • Vision function and testing using latest computerised testing charts.
  • Ocular examination to check the health of your eyes from the corneal surface to the retinal lining inside the eyes.
  • Advice and recommendations individually suited to your vision requirements.
Contact us to book your eye examination if you are in and around Barnsley town centre. Feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with our qualified opticians. 
A Berry's Opticians eye test
Book your eye test in Barnsley with Berry's Opticians on
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