The examination  concentrates on the front surface of your eyes and the eyelids to ensure there is no pathology that would affect lens wear and comfort. This includes use of a harmless dye to look for signs of surface damage and to assess the quality of the tear film and any dry eye symptoms. Different lenses will be discussed and trial lenses ordered based on your vision requirements and wearing schedule. 

We also teach you how to handle the contact lenses, how to insert them and remove them safely and how to store and care for them. If you have not had an eye examination for 12/12 or more a full eye examination will also be required. Contact lens wear requires continual monitoring to ensure there are no adverse reactions or complications arising. If you purchase contact lenses from us, the checks are included. 

If you prefer to purchase lenses elsewhere, we charge an annual fee of £50 to check your eyes once a year so your lens supply may continue.


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