Standard: £35.00 

Complete history and symptoms to help understand any issues or concerns you may be experiencing and to better advise you on your optical requirements. Vision check and refraction to determine your spectacle prescription at different distances. Pressure check on your eyes,( not the dreaded puff of air), Biomicroscopy to examine the front surface of the eye in great detail. Fundus photography, where we take a picture to show the back of each eye and discuss this with you. Visual field testing if necessary.

Gold standard: £55.00

Everything in  the standard eye examination with the addition of OCT Ocular Coherence Tomography. This allows us to take multiple measurements of the eyes and provide a 3d cross section of the retina. A bit like an ultrasound. This detail means ocular disease is much easier to spot and monitor and can pick up signs of disease at an earlier stage, allowing better intervention. It is one of the most advanced tests you can have done on the eyes and best of all it is quick, easy and straightforward. Visual fields will be screened as standard.

What is OCT?

Ocular Coherence Tomography is a medical imaging technique that allows us to examine different layers in the eye. A normal photograph inside the eye shows a flat 2D image and we can see the surface layer in detail. The OCT goes much further than this, the image it generates is 3D and it shows us what is below the surface layer as well. This is very important in detecting pathology as changes below the surface often occur first, but may not always be seen without this type of technology.


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