It is estimated by 2050 half the worlds population will be short-sighted and myopia will be classified as a disease due to the increase in eye related problems that this brings. The incidence of vision loss from Cataract, Gluacoma, Retinal detachment and Myopic Maculopathy significantly increases with short-sight.  The higher the amount of short sight the greater the risk of sight threatening disease.

At Berry’s we use the Essilor Stellest lens to help manage myopia and prevent deterioration. Clinical trials have shown the Stellest lens can slow down and reduce myopia by up to 67%. Results will of course vary for everyone, but managing the condition in this way can have huge benefits. Furthermore, it is measurable. 

Myopia is directly linked to the size/length of the eyeball. As the eyes grow they elongate, but in myopia this elongation of the eye is what makes it more myopic. The increase in size also stretches the eye and the lining of the eye becomes thinner. This makes it more susceptible to problems such as Retinal detachment. We are able to use special equipment to measure the length of the eyeball in practice and relate this to expected data and we can see if the Stellest lenses are having the desired effect and preventing the eyes growing too large.


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